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UNDERSTAND WHY EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT IN THE WORK SETTING 1. Identify the different reasons people communicate People communicate for many reasons, to portray their feelings, emotions, pain, opinions etc. The communication can be professional (formal), or personal (informal). It is important within a social work environment that information is recorded, as it may be called upon for legal reasons. All communications are confidential and on a “need to know” basis. Communication between colleagues is essential, so that it ensures a continuity of care for the client and so all staff are aware of the up to date needs of the client. Different ways to communicate in a health and social care setting are during a handover and an up to date accurate communication book. 2. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting Communication in the workplace is an important part of my role. It builds good relationships with my colleagues, and my service users. If communication techniques that you use are ineffective, this could lead to problems with the relationships within your workplace. If there is ineffective communication between colleagues and service users this could affect the quality of care being delivered and could result in harm. It is important you show respect when communicating with others. When delivering care to a service user with another colleague it is important that the communication stays focused on the task you are doing and does not turn into a personal conversation between the two carers as this will exclude the service user. 3. Explain why it is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them. When communicating with service users I will have built up a relationship with them and be aware of their communications needs and can adapt to each individual. I need to

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