Nvq Level 5 Unit 1 Communication Essay

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COMMUNICATION 1.1.1 | There is a range of communications in any workplace. In Health and social care this range can be very variable, depending on the sector that you are communicating with. You will be required to communicate with individuals and groups. These can range from service users, their families, staff and other organisations. Always remember that in Health and Social Care, that confidentiality is a must, and alongside Data Protection these two rules must always be obeyed. When communicating with Service users it is essential that you communicate in a way that is understood by the individual. This can be the same with staff members, who may not all understand long words and jargon. When communicating with organisations, jargon comes into practice; it is useful and understood across the board. Any communication that is given verbally, in person or from a telephone call, should be logged, giving date and time that it took place. This is very useful if you need to refer to the communication at a later date. * Listen.............................................Always listen to what people say, take notes if it is lengthy and you will not miss any vital points. Always keep an open mind, do not assume anything. When dealing with people, facts must be the key. Service users must be able to communicate freely to you, and this may mean communicating in a way that they can understand. This may involve using pictures or writing, using your hands or items in the home. Whichever way you choose to use, you must ensure that the service user understands you. You must always be an active listener, and understand the content of the message, whether verbal or written. * Circulate information......................If the information needs to be circulated to other sources, like Social Services, Gps, Governing Bodies, or even to staff. Make sure that it is

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