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CU2941: Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication 1:1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. Communication is used daily within the work place of Domiciliary Care Sector and in my own job role as an assistant coordinator, it is essential that I communicate effectively using an appropriate method to communicate with various individuals including service users, their families, work colleagues, superiors, Social services and medical professionals. Communicating as an assistant coordinator involves using the different methods, this includes verbal communication through telephone and face to face, or written communication; texting, letter and email correspondence. When communicating with others I am required to take into consideration many factors, this includes language, tone of voice and body language. As an assistant coordinator I am required to communicate with carers on a daily basis, it is essential that I pass on messages to carers regarding the clients they are attending to. As a culture specific care agency there are many carers that have limited English which means that I communicate in Turkish at a simple level with no jargons for them to understand, communication between myself and the carers can be done through texting or email correspondences or by telephone therefore, when texting I am required to keep the message short to not confuse the carers. I also work with individuals whose 1st or 2nd language is not English which means I need to communicate slowly while on the phone and not use jargons while texting for them to understand. I regularly come into contact with service users which majority are elderly and are hearing impaired, communicating with them on the phone are often difficult and frustrating for me and for the service. However, effectively communicating with

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