Nvq Level 5 1.2

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1.2. Analyse potential barriers to professional development There is multiple conditions that can lead the individual not to develop professionally, such as:  Time management/busy schedule– organizing the day is something that is required due to the fact that the workload can be quite high and intense I attempt to organise my day around tasks and ensure that tasks are completed within the deadline  Team Working – Per times and if the team is not united and working towards the same goals and aims it is difficult to develop professionally because the individual will be concentrated in work with and for the team forgetting about the personal aims.  Opportunities – It may happen that the individual is not given opportunities to develop or that the company that employs the individual does not work towards developing that person or group/team  Lack of funding and other resources – It is important for the employer to look for full funded training such as NVQ’s and allow the members of staff to develop their own skills  Inadequate staffing levels and high turnover – recurrent hiring and recruitment processes are important to allow the staff training and to ensure that the company and place of work has the adequate and high staff levels required for the development of the work and reduce the workload  Fear and lack of confidence in learning, particularly from staff with poor literacy skills or the lack of resources and skills – support the members of staff with poor literacy skills and ensure that support such as classes and time to learn/inductions is provided  Lack of effective evaluation of learning.  Poor communication  Health Problems or other family commitments  Inadequate supervision or appraisal
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