Nvq Level 3 Assignment 307 Task B:

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Assignment 307 Task B Guidelines: GUIDELINES FOR BEST PRACTICE IN HANDLING INFORMATION. Recording information about clients in our care is an important part of our role. It’s essential that social care workers implement good practice when writing and handling records. The following are a set of guidelines to remind us how to handle information. First ensure that you know the policy of your work-place towards the writing and handling of records. (Eg. Black ball point pen only, always ensure all record-writing is completed by the end of your shift, etc ) Think about the purpose of the record. Who is going to read it? It may be that a number of colleagues or professionals from other services will have to read what you have written so please ensure that: Your handwriting is clear and legible with correct punctuation and grammar. Your language is easy to read, precise, to the point and free from colloquialisms. The information is up-to-date, clear, concise and written in a logical order. The recorded account is accurate and factual, and any personal opinions expressed have to be relevant and backed up by evidence. The reports should be only about the person concerned and should be signed and dated. Every care should be made to ensure that client records are stored securely and remain confidential. The Data Protection Act of 1998 has set a code of practice that all Social Care establishments must comply with. Within a client’s home environment records should ideally be kept in a secure, locked cupboard, out of sight from casual visitors. Establishments that have a number of clients should ensure that records are up-to-date and are kept in a locked filing cabinet, preferably in a secure office. Any records kept on PCs should be password protected, and the computer systems themselves should be protected by
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