Nvq Level 2 Assignment 201

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Jodie Hutton Task A – Short Answer Ai Describe four different methods of communication. The first method of communication would be verbal, talking and listening to one another. It is one of the most common ways of communicating and is easy. Written communication is another method of communication, usually used if unable to speak or hear. Written communication consists of writing, whether that is pen and paper or an email as long as the other person understands what you are trying to say. Non verbal communication is another common method of communication, focusing on sign language and body language. Gestures also are classed as non verbal communication. Finally, visual communication, usually consisting of photos, picture cards, signs and symbols. Aii Identify five different reasons why people communicate. Reasons why people communicate would be; To show feelings or express emotion, socialize with others, to pass and receive information, to be understood and to share knowledge. Aiii Give two reasons why it is important to observe the reactions of an individual using the service when you are communicating with them. To see whether they have understood what has been said to them, many people will say or suggest that they understand but really don’t. This will show on their body language, face and gestures. If you feel like the individual does not understand you, simply try another way of explaining or communicating. Also, to see if there are any changes such as anxiousness, anger, frustration etc which could suggest safeguarding (abuse) issues. From this you can then console the individual and help resolve the problem they are facing. Aiv Explain why it is important to find out about an individual’s:
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