Nvq Level 2

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[pic] [pic] Unit SHC 021 - Introduction to communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. (Credit Value 3) Give examples of different reasons people communicate within your workplace |In my opinion communication is very important because is a way of finding out what someone feels, or needs. | |Communication it`s very important in my work place because in the relationship with clients helps me find out the client needs, explain the procedure and| |make him/her feel better and safe while handeling; he/she can see that gets the proper attention and also for him/her and their family that are no | |barriers in understanding them so they can feel more safe and relax. | |At work I communicate with colleagues to share thoughts and ideas, to express needs , feelings , wishes , and most important to build relationships , | |socialise , ask questions and share experiences. Communication between colleagues will ensure that we always give the highest standard of care because | |through communication we share knowledge , diagnose problems early and give and receive necessary information in order to give the proper care for our | |clients. | 1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work |In caring communication is the key in doing our job to the highest standards. Most of the time care plans are the way of communication in between | |the carers, so the plans should be fill up in the most accurate way; information must be passed on so no mistakes are made. In my opinion a lack of|
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