Nvq Level 2

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1.1 The definition of “duty of care” is a legal obligation and a requirement to work in a way that offers the best interest of a child, young person, or in my case vulnerable adults, in a way which will not be detrimental to the health, safety and wellbeing of that person. My employer also has a duty of care for staff members, to ensure that working conditions are safe and suitable. 1.2 The duty of care I have in my job is to keep myself safe and my service users safe. Keep up to date on my training. Always wash my hands before attending a service user before and after, and wear the correct protective aprons and gloves that are supplied by my company. 2.1 Important medication needs to be taken as a when required otherwise they could become ill if they don’t take them. If the service user refuses to take there medication, I cannot force them to take there medication as it is there right to refuse. I can however encourage them and explain the importance of taking medication, Give the service user reassurance however If they still refuse I must report it to my manager and all relevant parties. 2.2 To get additional support and advice I can talk to either my team leader or manager. Similar dilemmas may have happened before which they can advice me on what to do next. 3.1 In a situation of dealing with a complaint I would follow the step by step list to respond to a complaint effectively and be professional, if a family member or service user makes a complaint. I would establish if this is something I could deal with personally, if not then I would inform a senior member of staff within the room about the situation (depending on how serious the complaint is) If it turns out to be a serious complaint I would guide them directly to my manager. 3.2 All complaints, no matter how seemingly unimportant, should be taken seriously. If I receive an oral
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