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Q1. Write a short paragraph about each of the following; please relate your answers to the health/care setting. a) Human Rights Act 1998 The Human Rights Act is the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled to. A few of the human rights are; * The right to life. * The right to freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. * The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. * The right to freedom of expression. * The right to liberty and security of person. In relation to the health/care setting everyone, including both patients and staff are entitled to basic human rights, for example privacy. We must respect patient’s privacy and dignity at all times including washing, dressing, eating and also privacy with their family or staff member i.e. Doctor. Patients have a right to freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment, we should respect the patient’s dignity when preforming a procedure and also when speaking to a patient we shouldn’t do it in a degrading or patronising way. Every patient has the right to freedom of expression and choices, they can voice their opinions about any treatment they may receive or any medication they may be taking or also any treatment they may not want. Also within the health setting not only patients but staff have the right to practice their religion or culture. Patients of different culture’s or who have different food preferences have the right to choose what food they eat, and should be provided with a specific menu and food they do eat. Everybody has the right to security, and so do both patients and staff whilst they are on hospital grounds. A patient’s property should be safely kept in a locker and also should be documented if they have any money or valuables with them. b) Data Protection Act 1998 The data protection act covers any data which can be used
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