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Nvq Health and Social Care Essay

  • Submitted by: allan306
  • on May 28, 2014
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Physical Abuse can be inflicted over long periods of time; it can consist of one or more acts of aggressive behavior, usually resulting in physical injury with possible bruising, black eyes, broken bones and cuts or scratches, it could also be where the Client may be handled in a rough manner which is not warranted by a carer or relative looking after them.

Sexual Abuse is the forcing of any unwanted sexual activity by one or more persons on another, this could mean by the use of threats or friendly coercion. This could involve touching the person in private places up to and including complete sexual acts when the person does not want nor has the understanding of what is happening to them. Sexual activity is particularly improper and harmful for example between an adult and a minor or with a person of diminished mental capacity.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse can include all manners of behaviour from the perpetrator(s) for instance rejecting the client, degrading them. Isolating the client, and denying emotional responsiveness, such as not talking with them or perhaps not giving them a cuddle or smiling with them, these are all characteristic of emotional abuse for example if there is no flexibility of bedtimes or waking times, lack of clean clothing or bed linen, lack of personal possessions, and the misuse of medication such as over dosing the client to keep them ‘quiet’ which deprives them of stimulation also telling a client that he/she ‘does not need the toilet’ or he/she ‘does not need something to eat right now and dinner will be ready in a couple of hours’ when they obviously think they do need the toilet or something to eat, these actions totally undermines the person and has a definite psychologically abusive effect on them. Also when a Client has an accident such as wetting themselves, to be told that they are dirty or stupid will have a negative psychological effect on them.

Financial Abuse can be anything that deprives the...

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