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Nvq Health and Social Care Essay

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  • on May 27, 2014
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HSC218 Reflective Account.

At handover at the start of the shift the client was reported to be fine. At 4.45am she buzzed to go to the toilet and as this is the time she usually likes to get up I asked her if she was ready. She said she was so washed my hands and put my gloves on and then assisted her to walk to the toilet. Once in the bathroom I pulled her underwear down and helped her to sit down. I place the dirty pad from her underwear in a plastic bag

As she was finishing on the toilet I prepared all the things ready to get her washed and dressed and ran the tap. I also checked the plan in the room to make sure there was nothing extra needed to be done. This client likes the water very hot, or as hot as it comes out of the tap so I leave it running to keep the temperature the same throughout. Her clothes were already laid out the night before by the evening staff so I brought them to her and checked that it was what she wanted to wear. I then made sure I had the soap, towel, flannel wipes and talc ready, as well the bag to put the dirty wipes in.

Once everything was ready I asked the client if she wanted soap on the flannel to wash her face. She didn’t soap I gave her the flannel so that she could wash her face herself and left the towel where she could reach it. While she was washing her face I made the bed. I then went back and took and put her pants, stockings and trousers on her to help maintain her dignity.

After this I prepared the flannel with hot water and soap and helped her remove her night clothes. I asked if she wanted to wear them again, and when she said yes I folded them up to put back on her bed. I then washed the upper part of her body, and, after checking she wanted it, used talc when drying her. I checked that she felt dry then placed the towel over the top of her legs while I put her clothes on the top half.

I then prepared the wipes with hot water and soap ready to wash the bottom half of her body. I aided her to stand...

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