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F1- Communicate using customer service language Identify customers and their characteristics and expectations 1.1 Recognise typical customers and expectations Young people and Teenagers are one of the typical customers here at AFS. They attend classes and expect Tables and chairs to be available for them to use. Similarly to the Adults that come in to make use of the halls we hire for Events and Church activities. In addition to the tables and chairs the adult customers also expect to find clean toilets, supportive and friendly staffs. 1.2 Discuss customer expectations with colleagues using recognised customer service language I do not understand this question? 1.3 Follow Procedures through which they and their received to deliver effective customer service The Team of staffs holds a meeting with the Manager ones a week; this is where we update each other on what we have accomplished during the week. We also make plans for the following week and raise ideas on how to improve our services. Apart from that there is a File on the Computer at the Reception that holds information such as contact details of all continuous customers of the organisation. A tangible folder is also kept with the same details as a back up so that we may be able to deliver a good customer service even in the case of a computer crash or anything that alike. We also have a timetable for the week which helps to keep track of who will be coming inn for the week. There is a sign in Book at the Reception; I am responsible for making sure that everybody who comes in signs it. This helps us to know how many people are in the building in case there is a fire. I have attended two trainings, one for Health and safety and one for First Aid. I believe that these are very important since they educate, prepare and teach on how to prevent and handle customers, myself and

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