Nvq Communication Questions And Answers

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Outcome 1 1.Different reason people communicate: * To share (opinion, knowledge, feelings, emotions..etc.) * to understand * to be understood 2. How communication affects relationships in the work setting Communication affects relationships in many ways in the work setting. For example with colleagues, the manager or supervisor and also the parents of the client and the client. Good communication affects those relations by: * Better sharing a information’s * Better understanding and solving of problems * Better support and reassurance * Making work more effectively as a team * Avoiding isolation and anxiety Outcome 2 1.Demonstrate how to establish the communication and language needs ,wishes and…show more content…
What seems to be a proper behave for us can be non-acceptable for individual for example; manners at the meal times. You need to talk to people about aspects of their cultures or lifestyle you do not understand, what help you with better communication. It’s not acceptable to expect that client will adapt to your set of cultural beliefs and expectations 2.Identify barriers to effective communication * Physical disability * Learning disabilities * Age and gender * Language * Religion * Culture 3.Demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to communication Examples * Physical disability (allow for voice production, do not patronize, environment are appropriate and accessible) * Learning disabilities (responding to right level, repeat things, listen carefully) * Age and gender (repeat information, remain patient, be clear wit conversation, use simple written communication) * Language (smile, gestures, pictures) * Religion and culture (mainly like above, research about differences and what to avoid in conversation) 4.Demonstarte strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstanding * Adapt a message * Change environment * Ask for feedback * Allow times * Make an
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