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1- Know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer. 1.1 Identify the main points of contracts of employment. The main points of our contract of employment are the • Names Of parties for example :Rystix Timber Coatings and Danielle Green • employment conditions (Employment Contract Start Date) • My Job Title and Description • Rights • Rate and date of payments • Sick days I’m intituled to, also holiday (20days throughout the year) • Responsibilities • Place of work • duties 1.2 Identify the main points of legislation affecting employers and employees. The main points of legislation affecting employers and employees are health & Safety, National minimum wage legislation, Employment Rights Legislation, equality and anti-discrimination legislation and then Data Protection. 1.3 Identify where to find information on employment right and responsibilities both internally and externally. Internally I would find my employment rights and responsibilities within my contact, another source of finding out would be to speak to my manager or another person in my place of work. Externally I can find information from sources such as websites like directgov.co.uk, or the library. 1.4 describe how representative bodies can support the employees A trade union representative is a union member who represents and gives advice to colleagues when they have problems at work. They can support an employee by- • Accompanying you to disciplinary or grievance hearings with management. • Develop the best health and safety procedures with your employer • Meet with your employer to find solutions to workplace issues • Discussing any concerns employees may have regarding their employer • Represent you in negotiations over pay, and terms & Conditions of employment (collective

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