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Outline guidelines, procedures, and codes of practice relevant to personal work, and how you use these in the organisation • Terms of Reference - my job specification - This lists responsibilities that I am required to fulfil on a daily, weekly, monthly or routine basis • Data Protection Act 1988 - I am required to protect data that is not for viewing by unauthorised persons by ensuring I do not share data with unauthorised personnel. • Confidentiality Policy - I must and do not divulge confidential information to unauthorised personnel. • Equality Act 2010 - I must ensure I do not discriminate against others in any way and respect others at all times. • Health & Safety Policy - Helps me to stay safe and keep others safe in the workplace. For example, I ensure that there are no hazards such as loose wires in my work area or any other area I work in. • Workstation H & S - guidelines for positioning, vision, posture to stay well. I refer to these guidelines to help prevent injuries such as eye strain or back ache. • Suspicious packages - If I suspect a suspicious package I would need to alert HQ1 immediately. • PAT electrical testing - Portable items of equipment are PAT tested to ensure their safety. I must ensure that everything in my office is in date of testing. • Clear Desk Policy - If I leave my desk for any amount of time, my computer must be locked, and any important/restricted/confidential/data protected information (documents, CDs/other media storage) stored in a locked filing cabinet or drawer. • ‘Near Miss’ incident reporting - I must report any hazards, accidents or ‘near miss’ incidents to the Health & Safety Officer (HSE) to prevent the same incident from happening again or prevent it happening in the first place (or worse). Explain the purpose and benefits of planning work and being accountable to others for your own

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