Nvq 3 Health and Social Care Unit 4222-316

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Unit 4222-316 Support individuals to access and use services and facilities (HSC 3013)- Theory Outcome 1 Understand factors that influence individuals’ access to services and facilities. Describe how accessing a range of services and facilities can be beneficial to an individuals’ wellbeing; It’s beneficial for an individuals’ overall wellbeing: physical, mental, social and financial to have access to a range of services and facilities. Their physical health can be aided by being supported to attend health appointments but this can also benefit their mental health. Identify barriers that individuals may encounter in accessing services and facilities; Barriers that and individual may face Language- Some individuals’ do not speak English as their first language and may need the support of an interpreter. Mobility- Some individuals’ have limited or no mobility so they may need special transport with wheelchair access and extra assistance to access facilities and services. Mental health- Individuals who live with dementia can become unaware of current time and whereabouts and going out of the home to a busy GP or Dentist surgery can become very upsetting. Mental capacity- when an individual no longer has capacity to make decisions then doing things like going to the bank, shopping and signing paperwork they will be accompanied by someone who has the power to help them make a best interest decision. Describe ways of overcoming barriers to accessing services and facilities. Identify what the barrier is, is it a physical one such as steps which make access difficult for someone with limited mobility, or perhaps it is a communication barrier such as somebody with a hearing impairment identify what level of support they need & who could help. In our home there are a lot of in house facilities; GP visits twice a week, Dentist visits once a

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