Nvq 3 Health and Social Care Part One Communication

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HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Unit One Task A There are many reasons to why people communicate these may include hunger, dislikes, reassurance and needs the importance of communication between colleagues and other professionals is to effectively identify certain problems, wants, and needs of all clients and other professionals and all work together to help maintain and good working relationship. The importance of communication between clients and support workers is vital because with effective communication support workers are able to identify the needs and dislikes to help support the client in an efficient and effective manor. A good way to start is to introduce yourself and explain why you are there using a few simple words. If the person clearly has use of their hands, you might also offer a handshake greeting. You should know the person’s name already and you should ask the person what they would like you to call them. You will be able to consider the individual’s reaction while you are doing this and see how they respond to your question. This will start to give you an idea of how you will need to communicate. It is absolutely essential that you find the best way to communicate so that you can understand the wishes and preferences of the individual as well as identifying if there is a problem which could be something minor like wanting a different pair of shoes to something more serious like a safeguarding concern. By using good communication skills, you can support the individual to make choices about how you provide their care and support every time you work with them. This will make them feel valued and respected and in control of what happens to them. DIfferent Types Of Communication Verbal communication sounds, words, language non verbal body language Makaton finger spelling By observing an individual’s
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