Nvq 3...Duty of Care

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Unit 4 Principles for implementing duty of care in Health, Social care or children and young people settings. 3.1…Describe how to respond to complaints. Complaints can be made by the individuals in my care, their family members or even the other workers etc. Anyone within the care environment who feel that there is something wrong and it needs to be dealt with. The individuals in my care may even not know how to make a complaint and may feel uncomfortable as they don’t want to cause any trouble or issues. As a care home, we have a complaints procedure in place. When a complaint is made, it is dealt with seriously and quickly. We will support the individual who is making the complaint and we will consider fully and resolve where possible any complaints made. In some cases, it may need investigating further and it will be monitored and any progress will be documented. The care quality commission will provide details on how complaints should be dealt with in their ‘Essential Standards of equality and safety.’ 3.2…Explain the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints. The main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints Is that any complaint will be written down and recorded and then passed onto the Manageress. If the individual is able to write then they will be asked to put it in writing. The individual who is making the complaint may need additional support to help them make the complaint and to support them until the complaint has been dealt with or resolved. They may need support in writing letters and attending meetings and to get there complaints heard even if the individual has problems communicating. In some cases the individuals care manager may be asked to come and support the individual and their family until the issues/complaints have been dealt with or

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