Nvq 3 Assignment 3

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Assignment 3 Task 2 The key legislation and codes of practice relating to diversity,equality,inclusion and discrimination in an adult care setting are: Equality: Involvement and information. Personalised care. Safe guarding and safety. To establish the commission for equality and human right. To create a duty on public authorities to promote equality of opportunity. To make discrimination unlawful on the grounds of religion or belief in the provision of goods,facilities and services, the disposal and management of premises,education, and the exercise of public functions. Discrimination: Employment. Education. Access to goods,facilities and services,including larger private clubs and land-based transport…show more content…
Try to see the situation from the other persons point of view-Empathy. Act fairly with all situations. Gain an understanding of differences. Encourage interdependency for decision making. Refuse to accept discriminatory behaviour in any form. Avoid stereotyping and labelling. To challenge discrimination you need to find out the type of discrimination,all cases of discrimination should be reported to the supervisor straight immediately so that the discrimination can be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Assignment 3 task 3 The ways to access information,advice and support about diversity,equality,inclusion and discrimination you're supervisor should have some information regarding this or you could ask to attend a training awareness course. Information should be accessed if a problem arises for the diversity,equality,inclusion and discrimination, any information can be found on the internet at libraries and at the citizen advice . Useful web addresses: Diversity www.co-intell.gence.org direct.gov.uk Equality: www.equalityhumanrights.com www.equalities.gov.uk Inclusion:
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