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Challenging Poor Practice Training Module How to e challeng e! ractic poor p North West Dignity Leads Network Contents Contents 2 Introduction 4 Different types of abuse 9 Purpose of this module Challenging Poor Practice Check Out - the steps to consider Assessing the situation Poor practice flow chart 3 5 10 11 12 Observation sheet 13 Reporting 16 Whistleblowing 19 Challenging in the moment Case Studies Reflection Further resources 2 14 17 21 23 hallenge C oor P actice Pr For evil to flouris h, it only re quires good m en to do n othing. Attribut ed to E dm und Bu rke Challenging Poor Practice This module has been produced for two purposes: G G To support individuals working in health and social care roles who feel uncomfortable with something they have seen or heard and are looking for practical support on how to handle the situation. To act as a training manual for all health and social care workers so that they are better prepared to take action when they encounter poor practice. 3 Introduction When delivering care or observing others delivering it, ask yourself ‘would this be good enough for members of my own family?’ The need to ensure the delivery of dignified health and social care services has become apparent following a number of high profile cases where individuals’ dignity clearly wasn’t met. Most of us will have been thoroughly depressed and upset when terrible examples of neglect, cruelty and abuse were broadcast across the media. Perhaps you breathed a sigh of relief and thought ‘that’s awful but it could never happen here’. If that’s the case, hopefully you’re right it won’t happen where you work because all your colleagues are caring, kind and committed to making the lives of the people they care and support the best they possibly can be. However and this is more likely, you work somewhere where even good staff

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