Nvq 3 4222-205 Unit 2

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Outcome 2 Know to respond to suspected or alleged abuse 2.1 Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused: The best action to take is: Assume the victim is telling the truth, speak calmly, don't show shock or disbelief. Tell the person "that they are doing the right thing", be sympathetic ('I am sorry this has happened to you') Provide comfort and reassurance tell them "they are safe now". Make sure the victim is safe, protect from further abuse, making sure any medical treatment is given if required. Call emergency services or a Doctor as appropriate and inform your Team-leader/manager immediately or another available colleague. Always follow company Policies and Procedures. If the victim wants to tell you about the abuse, listen carefully, be carefully not to ask leading question simply ask 'what happened next'? make sure you record what was said e.g. dates, times and places. Remember to use their own words and phrases, describe how the disclosure came about, note the setting and if anyone else was in the room at the time. Don't put down your own opinions,just factual information. Use black pen at all times as these records may be required later as part of a legal action, they may have to be photocopied. Preserve any evidence, as this could be a criminal matter e.g. assault, rape or indecent exposure. If the allegation is about my manager or the manager is unwilling to do anything, I will follow my company policy of reporting abuse and report to CQC. 2.2 Explain the actions to take if an individual alleges that they are being abused: Its most important to believe what you are being told, no matter how far fetched it seems or silly it sounds. Reassure the victim it was not their fault and they are not to blame for what has happened. Report the allegation to your team-leader immediately.
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