Nvq 3.1 Communication

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1.1 People communicate to get their needs, wants, wishes and views across to other people. 1.2 Without effective communication it is not possible to form any kind of relationship with the people who you are working with. You would be unable to confirm that you were meeting their personal needs and requirement. 1.3 It is important to see how the individual reacts as e.g. they can say their happy with something but really if you look at their reaction is could tell you their not saying how they feel. 2.1 It is extremely important to find out an individuals communication and language needs so that you know how to communicate with them in the most effective and appropriate way, meaning you are meeting their personal needs and wishes.…show more content…
Watch their body language to see if you can understand if they have understood, their facial expressions. or ask them to repeat what you have told them. e.g if their shopping is coming at 10am ask them what time its coming. 3.4 Your workplace will be the first place to get help with tools to communicate for effectively with the client, family and friends will be a big help, they could let you know what they do when their unhappy etc so you can look out for them signs. Health care services can help if it is medical, e.g. the client needing a hearing aid. 4.1 Confidentiality is when something is intended to be kept 'a secret' between yourself and the person telling you. 4.2 Make sure you don't tell other clients or workers about what you talked about in the call etc. the client might not want other people to know. Also if your taking care plans/log books etc from a clients house make sure that you keep them covered up and safe. Send them to the office as soon as possible and if you have to have them at home don't leave them so anybody can just see them. Don't tell family or friends about the clients and whats happened and don't write it on social networking sites

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