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1. include: 2. • Individuality 3. • Rights 4. • Choice 5. • Privacy 6. • Independence 7. • Dignity 8. • Respect 9. • Partnership 10. A care plan may be known by 11. other names e.g. support plan, 12. individual plan. It is the 13. document where day to day 14. requirements and preferences 15. for care and support are 16. Because health and social care work is all about people. And every person is different. Clearly, the values that influence that care must be "person-centred" An in care plan is developed in conjunction with the goals of the individual, and the services allowed and available to them in a respective agency or program. Person-centred planning aims at assisting an individual to achieve their goals, not an agencies goals. An individual care plan must be followed, if it is in place, it is a prescription for services, and funded as such. To deviate from an individual's care plan goes against their personal objectives and therefore is not billable. Staff who support the individual have participated in proposing the plan and are invested in serving them to achieve their outcome. Person-centred approach puts the person's goals and what matters to them at the forefront and their desires, strengths and abilities are all factored in. It is the approach that service agencies are trending towards naturally and the funding agencies have followed suit and reinforced that is the way to serve an individual. An achievement based approach to learn, enhance or maintain a skill might have an individual working towards something they have no interest in and it hinders their ability to progress towards the goal because they have no desire to achieve it. A person centred plan incorporates their dream and personal objectives and they choose what they would like to do Consent means informed 17. agreement to an action or 18. decision; the

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