Nvq 2 Health & Social Care - Writen Knowledge Questions

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Written Knowledge Questions HSC21 Communication The Care Standards Act of 2000, Section 62, requires that the General Social Care Council (GSSC) to produce and distribute a code of practice to all workers in the Social Care Sector. These Codes of Practice tell me that I am expected to behave in a professional manner at all times, listen to and promote the wishes and views of my service user, promote their independence whilst protecting them, where possible, from danger or harm. I should ensure that their behaviour does not put them or others in danger or at risk of harm. Where necessary, pass on any concerns I have to the appropriate authorities to ensure that my service user receives to best care and treatment available for their condition etc. Communication does not just involve listening or speaking to someone. Service Users may not be able to communicate verbally. I listen to my service users where they are able to speak and I talk to them in a manner that they will understand (Slowly, Simple English, short sentences etc). Where verbal communication is not possible, I use my experience to interpret their body language (do they look in pain, frightened, confused etc). If the service user can ‘sign’, using Makaton or similar sign language, I would attempt to learn the signs they use, and use them to communicate with them. At times, something as simple as getting them to point at what they want, or showing them pictures or photographs so they can point out their needs is an effective method of communication. I am required to fill in a number of different documents to record events that take place while dealing with service users. The main document is called the Support Plan. I don’t write this myself, but have input into it as it is being written or amended. This Plan documents how the service user is to be supported by staff and it ensures
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