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Unit 204 1.1, 1.2 * Physical Abuse: Pushing and pulling clients, making inappropriate contact. A sign of this would be fear of staff or witnessing it with your own eyes. Unexplained bruises, scratches. * Sexual Abuse: Touching them in inappropriate intimate places or taking indecent photos. Again a sign of fear of certain staff or rooms. Sexually transmitted diseases, become withdrawn * Emotional/psychological abuse: Verbally abusing them or bullying the clients. A main symptom of this would be very low self-esteem and possibly uncomfortable with new situations. * Financial abuse: misuse of clients’ money. This would become evident if there was no evidence of the client’s use of money. * Institutional abuse: withdrawn from the community, which would be apparent if the client has no care or perhaps begins to copy staff behaviour or even become very clingy. Staff working in the environment for themselves without their clients’ needs at thought * Self-neglect: Whereby the client has no interest in anything or daily plans. Clients not socialising or wanting to eat or do activities. * Neglect: Whereby a client is not being looked after or cared for appropriately. This may cause the client to change behaviour and become withdrawn and conscious. All of the above would have significant signs of withdrawal and a change in the client’s behaviour and attitude. 1.3 There are a number of factors which can contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to these types of abuse, including, no or little family contact, their personal communication skills and their past experiences. If the client has learning disabilities or have lack of mental capacity and physically disabled, this can also make them vulnerable as they may have communication problems and may not understand what is going on around them. This may cause them to not know that they actually

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