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Making close reference to language, imagery and verse form, explore Wordsworth’s presentation of nature in ‘Nutting,’ bringing out ways in which it relates to his handling of this theme in other poems from the selection William Wordsworth’s poem ‘nutting’ is powerfully influenced by nature as the relationship between man and nature is shrewdly explored. Wordsworth uses reflection and contemplation on past experience, and especially experiences with nature in order to create natural imagery and enhance dominant themes of the poem. In many ways the presentation of nature in the poem seems very different to the way Wordsworth portrays it in his other poems as the poem appears to contain an element of introspective. Nevertheless, nature inevitably allows Wordsworth’s mind to flourish in a unique and incomparable way as he reveals nature’s effects on human emotions. Wordsworth uses a blank verse which eschews masculine rhymes; this slows the pace and presents a hypnotic and unchanging form, which inevitably leads the reader into a predictable medative state which is comparable to nature. Primarily Wordsworth avoids the use of metaphors in ‘Nutting’ instead he uses words which are descriptive to enhance his experience with nature. He utilises imagery in order to create a connection between nature and the reader ‘the hazels rose tall and erect’ is heightened by the use of the verb ‘rose’ which emphasizes nature’s profound beauty and energy. The depiction of nature is perceptibly different to many of Wordsworth’s other poems. Initially the description of nature is somewhat harsh ‘ thorns and brakes and brambles’ are used to suggest a bewildered overwhelming scene which is further emphasised by polysyllabic words such as ‘unvisited’ which encapsulate the mysterious secret world of nature. This effectively emulates the distinctive power nature holds over humans, as it

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