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Julian Gonzales English III AP - 1st period January 12th 2012 P - Govenor Mitt Romney is the vocal point of this column and is the main idea of the article. I - The author's intention is to inform readers of Romney's actual intention for America, as well as criticize Romney's ultimate beliefs while asserting his own beliefs in the column, too. G - The article's genre is a Column. S - The article's subject is a political piece that is aimed at the undecided voters in America. A - The author's intended audience is mainly the undecided voters and the republican voters, in which Brooks' steered the article towards. C- At the time the article was published, America was in the midst of a hostile election. Because it was written at the peak of the hostility, many voters were swayed with the publishment of the article. Speakers tone and shifts in tone: Author David Brooks points out in the article that during his first term in office, Obama proved himself a failure even by his own standards. Noting that he was unable to resurrect the economy notwithstanding trillion dollar budget deficits, he perpetuated American involvement in Afghanistan at a frightening cost of lives and money have alienated American allies around the globe. Offering no vision how to mend the train wreck for which he is admittedly not entirely responsible, the president has long since buried his calls for "Hope" and "Change" six feet under. Brooks' then shifted his tone from attack to reasoning. He made it seem incredible how all of this did not sink Obama's 2012 re-election campaign. Why? Because Romney failed to provide answers how to bring America back from the edge of the abyss. You see, winning the presidency away from an incumbent, no matter how bad the economy, is not a matter of entitlement. Rhetorical appeals: Brooks is able to touch on various amounts of appeals, most notably by

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