Nutritious Truth Essay

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Nutritious Truth Obesity among Americans will grow from about a third of the population today to at least 44% in every state by 2030, a study shows. The prediction says that 13 states will have adult obesity rates over 60%. 'The health care costs of obesity – related diseases would skyrocket by billions of dollars a year', says Jeffery Levi, executive director of the Trust for America's Health, a non profit group that commissioned the analysis along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation(N.Helmich, USA Today, 3A, September 19,2012). Many people are overweight or obese today, and many of them are looking for a quick fix or miracle product to cure their problem. Women are more sensitive to a weight gain then men, therefore they are more open to new diet plans, weight loss discoveries and ,in some cases , dangerous dieting. The weight problem grows bigger in the country, so as manufacturers of health food industry. They bring new products on the market, which promise amazing results. Advertisement ads make consumers believe in miracle features of the product and on subconscious level change their thoughts and lifestyle and the ad of Yoplait yogurt is an example of deceiving advertisement. Yogurt is very popular product from healthy food category. There are many different vendors who delivers that product to the national market but not all of them have best quality. Some of them, like Yoplait, promise low calorie and satisfying taste, and recent study proved that it is not the best nutrition. Yogurt is a milk product, which in it's original form has sour taste and thick texture, prevents the growth of putrefactive intestinal bacteria, improves digestion and helps to clean the intestines. Live yogurt contains

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