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The need for vitamins in today’s society is more of urgent than ever. There are less than 13 nutrients in the soil that our foods grow in. This creates deficient vitamin supply in the food before it is harvested then when processed more vitamins are lost. This creates a shortage in our bodies of many if not all of the vitamins needed for a healthy body and mind. From watching the video and the in class lecture, Team 2 has learned that most of our foods processed although advertised as fresh have lost up to 40% of all their vitamins. The food is usually always at least a week old and this is an additional loss of approximately 10%. When you cook the food, the heat process of cooking destroys the enzymes that live in raw food and this further diminishes the health benefits of so called fresh food. The following is the list of the product rating criteria in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. 1 completeness, 2 potency, 3 mineral forms, 4 bioactivity of Vitamin E, 5 gamma-tocopherol (immune support), 6 anti-oxidant support, 7 bone heath, 8 heart health, 9 liver health (detoxification) 10 metabolic health, 11 ocular health, 12 methylation support, 13 lipotropic factor, 14 inflammation control, 15 glycation control, 16 bioflabinoid profile, 17 phenolic compounds profile, and 18 potential toxicities. Here is a list of the top-rated products and twelve products ratings in caparison. The top three products are USANA, Douglas Laboratory and TrueStar health. The twelve product ratings are Allergy Research Group Wholly Immune, NSI (Neutracevtical Sciences Institute) Synergy Men’s Version 2, Othro Molecular Products Alpha Base Ultimate, Julian Whiticker M.D. Forward Plus Daily Regime, Super Nutrition Men’s Blend, Pure Essence Labs Life Essential Powder, Pharminex LifePac Nano, R Garden Essential Nutrition Pack, Vitamin Shoppe Multi Pack,

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