Nutritional Problem and Ill Health in Infants

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Nutritional problems and ill health in infants Childhood is the most precious time of life, a time of rapid development when experiences shape the adults we become. Healthy children are crucial resource to ensure the upcoming welfare of a country. A primary means of promoting health and preventing disease rests on a wholesome food supply and the sound nutrition it provides. A child’s healthy growth and development are dependent on many factors, including the immediate environment in which they live and type of nutrition they have. The community health nurse has a vital role in educating the people of Fiji on the proper growth and development of infants and children. The two causes of nutritional problems amongst infants in our country are unemployment of parents and malnutrition. As seen in our country many people are victims of unemployment. Unemployment is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in a full time employment. ( Impoverished communities often suffer from unemployment and end up caught in cycles of poverty. Parent’s being without a job and very low income creates an environment where infants and children are nutritionally deprived. The other cause of nutritional problem among infants that is generally seen is malnutrition. The word nutrition refers to nourishment that sustains life. It centers on the food people eat and how it nourishes their lives (Williams and Schlenker, 2003). A diet deficient in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals can lead to malnutrition in infants. Malnutrition occurs in infants who are either undernourished or over nourished. Lifestyle patterns are bringing about changes in the type of food consumed by infants. Many parents are unable to prepare proper meals at home due to their busy working schedule and end up feeding their

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