Nutritional Needs Essay

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Nutritional needs are important for all stages of life. A pregnant women and unborn baby need extra nutritional needs, to ensure the growth and health of both are proper. Poor nutrition for a pregnant women will cause harm and health issues to the unborn baby. It is important that pregnant women make sure they are getting all the nutrients that they need for their unborn child. Nutritional Needs How to Obtain them Calories High fiber cereals, breads, whole grains Protein Meats, poultry, vegetables Lipids Fats and oils Carbohydrates Breads, grains, cereals Vitamins Milk, or milk substitutes, fruits, vegetables, water Health concerns with poor nutrition during the gestation period. * Iron deficiency which causes anemia * Vitamin A deficiency which can cause night blindness * Folate which causes spina bifida * Calcium which helps bone growth Good and poor nutritional choices Good choices are dairy, whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Poor nutritional choices are Alcohol, fish with high levels of mercury, unpasteurized food, and raw meats. The above chart shows the main food groups and how many servings we should have. Breast

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