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Nutritional Content Of Food Essay

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Nutritional contents of food

Part 4

For this assignment I need to estimate my daily intake of proteins.
A recommended intake of proteins for a woman is 48 – 64g a day.
As of today I had for breakfast two slices of bread with margarine and ham and two cups of tea with milk.
For lunch I had readymade meal of spaghetti meatballs.
For a snack I had Snickers bar, and for dinner tee and brad with boiled egg.
I had also 4 bananas in between.

breakfast proteins intake is:
bread – 2 slices 2 grams of proteins each
2 x 2 = 4
followed by
2 slices of ham 3g of proteins each
2 x 3 = 6g
and a portion of margarine contains 5.4g of proteins so
2 x 5.4 = 10.8g
To drink two cups of tea with 20ml of milk each,                       20 x 2 = 40ml of milk
milk contains 3.4g of proteins in 100ml so
40 x 3.4 = 136
136 / 100 = 1.36g
40ml of whole milk contains 1.36g of proteins
Total proteins intake for breakfast is the sum of above components:
4 + 6 + 10.8 + 1.36 = 22.16
Breakfast protein intake 22g after rounding to the nearest g.

Ready meal of spaghetti with meatballs – whole pack consumed - which contained 25.2g of proteins – 25g after rounding.

Snickers bar that contains 5.5g of proteins after rounding 6g.


One cup of tea with 20ml of milk. As above milk contains 3.4g of proteins per 100g,
20 x 3.4 = 68
68 / 100 = 0.68
one cup of tea contains 0.68g of proteins.

two slices of bread with eggs.
bread contains 2g of proteins so
2 x 2 = 4g
margarine 2 portions of 5.4g of proteins each
2 x 5.4 = 10.8g
2egs that contain 7g of proteins each so,
2 x 7 = 14g

Total proteins intake for dinner is 29.48g, after rounding 29g.

The 4 banana proteins content is 4g each so:
4 x 4 = 16g

Knowing the proteins content in all the food I ate, I am able to add the together to see whether my intake is within the recommended intake for a women, so;

breakfast     - 22g
lunch     - 25g
snack     - 6g...

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