Nutritional Activity Essay

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Nutritional Activity for Children; Data Gathered: -20% of Albany’s population is comprised of children -25% of children in Albany are overweight -93% of children attend school of a regular basis in Albany -35% of children are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch Data Generated: -Three convenience stores in Albany -Six fast food restaurants in Albany -one grocery store in Albany -Two family style restaurants -One health clinic comprised of one physician and one nurse-practitioner Interpretation: Attending school does not seem to be a major issue in Albany, and as long as the children are able to attend school, it appears those who would not be able to afford the lunches served or be able to bring their own are offered a free or reduced-price lunch. 25% of the children in Albany are determined to be overweight and 35% of the children are eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch provided by the school. There may be a positive correlation with the percentage of overweight children and those who make use of the provided lunch at the schools. The ratio of grocery stores to fast food restaurants is a bit alarming (6:1) and it is clear as to why this may be a more tempting option for a family on the run. It takes less time, per visit, to scoop up dinner at McDonalds than it does to shop in the grocery store and return home to prepare a meal. Without proper education on the topic, the locals may feel that the fast food restaurant is also a cheaper option to the grocery store. It seems as though a program in the schools needs to be instated to teach the families about the importance of meal preparation and preparing for the week through fresh groceries as opposed to buying each meal out of the home, not only to lower the incidence of obesity but to truly save time and money in the end. Unfortunately, the presence of just one health care

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