Nutrition Project Essay

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The battle between Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners: Are they indeed considered Good or Bad The battle between alternative sugar began when saccharin was discovered in 1879. It contained the sweetness 30 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose). It was used during both World War I and II to substitute to there shortage. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was in hyatt to ban saccharin. This was due to disturbing accusations that it was causing bladder cancer in rats. This caused the FDA to ban saccharin from the shelves. In 1998 when surveys were conducted showing that a reported 144 million adult Americans routinely consume through there sugar-free deserts, foods, low calorie and artificial beverages. This was according to the surveys conducted by the Calorie Control Council (CCC). These artificial sweeteners which also was known as sugar substitutes were used instead of table sugar (sucrose) to sweeten our beverages and foods. The sugar consumption according to the Dietary Guidelines advise people to consume sugar in moderation. There are much added sugar already hidden and added to the foods we consume daily without even knowing it. We need to be aware and routinely checking our labels to become aware of our sugar contents we are consuming. In knowing this crucial information will allow use to keep tract of the amounts we are consuming since it is very easy to consume double the amount than what is recommended just by consuming a few products in a day. This is therefore the conclusion that sugar is indeed not good for us. The law of Food additives Amendment to the food,drug, and cosmetic Act was passed in 1958 by the congress. This act requires the FDA to approve food additives, including artificial sweeteners before they can be produced and marketed to the public for sale in the United Staes. There are studies that showed

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