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Nutrition Of Wine Essay

  • Submitted by: Kwallace
  • on April 29, 2011
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Kyle Wallace
Exploring Wines
Chef Kate
Nutrition of Wines
Many people in today’s society drink wine to reward themselves, or celebrate a special occasion, however do buyers really know what comes in each glass of wine they consume. The nutrition of wine helps us understand what is good for our bodies and what is not. Through discussing the history of wine nutrition, red wines, and white wines, we may obtain a better understanding of the actual nutrition, and how it came about.
      The nutrition history of wine came about in 1857, when a French chemist by the name of Louis Pasteur made some discoveries relating to germ theory of disease. These discoveries were later proposed and proved that wine contained a microscopic organism that we now know today called “yeasts”. Through his discovery of the germ theory, he strived to develop different forms of yeast. Pasteur’s curiosity increased while developing various forms of yeast; not before long the yeast properties Pasteur discovered prevented both spoilage and the hygiene of wine. He also gained a better perspective of the efficiency in wine production.
      Not after long Jules Guyot, a French agronomist and physician was introduced to viticulture which was the science of grapes and how they grew etc. Dr. Guyot had many encounters with grapes while studying them oversees. In fact he knew them so well that he published three broad documents describing viticulture practices, and the regional traditional viticulture. At this time fermenting wine was not easy simply because no one really understood the science behind it all. Before the discoveries and written records from Louis Pasteur and Jules Guyot; wine had been practiced for over 5000 years without any knowledge or written documents referring to wine. Through these discoveries and written records we can gain a better understanding of the nutrition of wine.
      The benefits of red wine are that they ferment with their seeds and skin containing...

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