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Lipids 3 kinds Triglycerides – 95% of lipids we take in are these Phospholipids \ Sterols / 5% They are hydrophobic ** OH = acid end no double bonds = saturated fats double bonds = make up unsaturated fats 2 or more double bonds = polyunsaturated fats 1 double bond = monounsaturated Triglycerides: consists of 3 fatty acids and glycerol Consistencies: Saturated Fat: solid at room temperature Unsaturated: liquid at room temperature Hydrogenated (means saturated) fatty acid -> hydrogenated vegetable oil, seems good but bad for you! “cis” (H on same side of double bond.. most unsaturated fatty acids in foods are cis) cis-fatty acids OK. * Changes “cis” to “trans-“ aka put hydrogens on opposite ends of double bond. trans-fatty acid BAD * * Sterols: 6 6 6 to 5 base similar to chicken wire CCK: cholecystokinin Travels to gall bladder and causes it to contract.. then releases bile into small intestine. Bile breaks fat up into small fats (emulsified fat) so they can be attacked Bile: when bile enters small intestine, the gall bladder secretes bile. it then can bring the fat into the water then fats can be broken apart (emulsification) In the liver, bile is made… in the gallbladder bile is stored.. in small intestine bile emulsifies fats.. bile is reabsorbed into blood.. OR in the colon, the bile that has been trapped by soluble fibers is lost in feces. Lipoproteins, 4 kinds: Chylomicrons Contain little protein; lowest in density VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) Half triclycerides, accounting for very low density LDL (low density lipoproteins) Half cholesterol BAD! HEART DISEASE! saturated fats increase LDL HDL (high density lipoproteins) Half protein which accounts for their high density LPL activity: for men, middle. For women, hips and thighs. Many of us have very

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