Nutrition Care Process

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What is the Nutrition Care Process (NCP)? The Nutrition Care Process (NCP) was developed as a systematic approach to providing patients with high quality care. The NCP provides the registered dietitian with a framework to treat each individual patient, taking into account the needs of the patient and values as well the using the best available evidence to make final decisions. The NCP was first adopted by the American Dietetic Association in 2003 in an attempt to give dietetic professionals a framework for critical thinking and decision-making. Using the nutrition care process should lead the registered dietitian to a more efficient and effective treatment, in addition to greater recognition for the role they play in all care settings. The Nutrition Care Process and Model was designed to incorporate a scientific base that moves away from the previous experience based practices of nutrition professionals to a more evidence-based approach. The Nutrition Care Process was originally published as part of the Nutrition Care Model. The Nutrition Care Model is a graphic visualization (see attachment) that illustrates the steps of the Nutrition Care Process (NCP). The graphic illustrates the internal and external factors that affect the nutrition care process and thus the patient. The Model’s central component is the relationship between the registered dietitian and the patient. The outer ring symbolizes the skills and abilities of the RD in conjunction with the application of the evidence-based practice, a Code of Ethics, and the knowledge of the registered dietitian. Another outer ring represents the environmental factors that also have an impact such as healthcare systems, socioeconomics, and practice setting which impact the ability of the patients receiving the services of the registered dietitian. The Nutrition Care Process and Model (NCPM) is composed of

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