Nutrition And Fitness Essay

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Nutrition and fitness are two things that we should incorporate to our daily life; this will help us to have a better healthy life. I am the type of person who lives on the run. I am always running around must of the time I have my meals on my automobile, this is a difficult way to eat healthy. I believe that our health style is divide in three different ways this ways are; mind, body and spirit. The mind helps us to organize our day and to think about the ways to keep our body healthy, the mind also helps us to moderate our eating. For example if we mentally prepare and block the unhealthy cravings it is harder for our mind to get stimulated by the smell of this type of foods. The body should be our main priority the body should always be taking care off because is the main part of our lives that keep us going, the best way to keep the body healthy is by exercising. Our spirit helps us by giving us strength to accomplish our goals, the more spiritual that we are the more strength that we accumulate to live healthier. Living healthy is difficult especially when our days are full of stress and with very little time to prepare healthy meals. To be honest I do not have any nutritional habits I usually eat fast food or at any restaurant that is on my way, I don’t have any preferences for specific types of foods, restaurants or specific preparation. I eat this way not because I like it but because the type of life I live, I don’t have enough time to prepare my own meals and definitely not enough time to pick who and how to prepare my food. I do like salads soups and other healthy foods, when I have days off I love to cook specially sea food and vegetables or fresh salads but unfortunately this is only possible once a month. Here in the united states it is difficult to buy healthy foods and vegetables because most of the residents like myself have a busy life

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