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Assignment Week 6 Jessica Elder EGCC After reading this article I would consider bringing in outside food or drink into a restaurant an informal sanction because it is an insult to the company. This act can also be defined as immoral behavior because it goes against what is considered “the right thing to do” in society and it is deviant behavior. Doing this is not considered normal within society even though it is not a written rule. People should automatically know that this is inappropriate and not fair to the restaurant in which they are dining. I would define this act as socially deviant because it is behavior that violates societal rules. Bringing outside food and drink into a restaurant violates a social norm and is not considered acceptable behavior within society. I feel that this is one of those unwritten rules that people should just know to follow. Visit the following post “Bring Your Own? Please Don’t” at I’m Your Server not Your Servant, read the post and some of the comments (at least ten). Under what circumstances do servers agree it is ok to bring your own food and drink to a restaurant? Read a few more comments. Is there agreement among the commenter’s? Circumstances in which servers agree that it is ok to bring in outside food and drink into a restaurant include having allergies to certain types of foods, having a baby with you and needing to bottle feed, they also feel that it matters whether the establishment is upscale or not such as McDonalds, and if they don’t offer coffee that you may like or coffee isn’t good. Out of all the comments I have read the majority of people are not in agreement to this practice. They feel that it is very rude and hurts business and I have to agree. Some also feel that it should be against the law because if a person chokes or becomes sick it can become the restaurant in which they are dining

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