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You are what you eat. The importance of nutrition in our lives. I recently watched a tedx video on food. It was a talk by Jamie Oliver, the famous British chef, titled “Teach every child about food.” This video was very inspiring to me. It taught me a lot about the importance of diet and nutrition in our lives in leading a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Jamie Oliver describes the importance of changing our current eating habits to reduce illness caused by a bad and malnourished diet and how society today is “setting up” the next generation for a diseased-filled society. He focuses on the American society but acknowledges the fact that this is indeed a worldwide issue. If we look at Malaysia alone, where the top two death causes are heart disease and stroke, we can see this might be true. In this paper, I will try to cover as much as possible regarding nutrition. I will first give an overview of nutrition by looking at the different components of nutrition and describe why nutrition is important for everyone. I will then look at some of the diseases caused by nutrition-less diet such as diabetes and heart disease. From there, I will describe a typical Malaysian diet as seen through my experience and how we may try to improve this. Finally, I will conclude by looking at various long-term solutions for the general population to help better themselves and improve their diet. Before I start my paper I would like to describe my motivation for having an interest in nutrition. As a doctor, I am very concerned about for the health of people, especially my fellow Malaysians. I believe that by fixing our diet we can definitely reduce the death toll in Malaysia caused by these diseases. People in my family have suffered from heart disease to diabetes and it is not something that I want other people to deal with. By fixing our diet we can also reduce the amount of

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