Nutrition Essay

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As a society as a whole we as humans have come a long way. We have increased our average lifespan exponentially; we have invented a much better means of transportation, and even created a faster and easier way to communicate with each other. Yet, we cannot do the simplest thing of all and that is, taking care of ourselves. Besides the fact that we are slowly destroying our planet through pollution and rapid resource depletion, but for whatever reason we cannot seem to take care of ourselves. We eat unhealthy foods gain weight and do nothing about it. America obviously has worse health issues than other countries. The United States holds most if not all of the world’s obese issues, but we give lead way to other countries to follow a bad example. The obese problem in America is so severe that it is the number two preventable death in America. Eight out of every ten Americans over the age of 25 are obese. The most displeasing fact about our health issues is that it is our fault, we have so much unhealthy food readily available at our fingertips. Instead of selling healthy products at a cheap price we have all if these fast food restaurants with cheap greasy foods as cheap as a dollar. Families with less financial support than others would rather take their children to a fast food restaurant rather than somewhere healthier because it is so much cheaper. We have centered ourselves around the quickest and easiest means of life not the best. It is a true fact of life really. It seems as though we have easily extended our lifespan, and we can bring people back to life when they are on the brink of death. Yet, most Americans seem to live a most unhealthy lifestyle, and we wonder why a lot of the world may call us fat and unhealthy. Because of the fact that humans crave fat, salt, and sugar, we have centered our eating habits on what tastes the best rather than what is the

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