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The Article I reviewed was titled “Nutrition Education Lacking Among College Student-Athletes” . It focused on Alabama University and Wisconsin University athletic programs. Lori Turner, chair of the university of Alabama’s Health Science Department was not concerned when she saw the food choices of football players of Alabama included fried foods. She stated that everyone’s body is different and some people can tolerate foods that aren’t always good for you. Because most student-athletes burn plenty of calories, fried foods and foods high in fat aren’t necessarily always out of the question T’he players were also given choices of vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean meats. They were fed often, including goodnight peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the night before games. However, according to the book co-written by Lori Turner and published by the sports academy in 2007 titled "Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of College Athletes,", there really is a lack of knowledge on college campuses regarding student-athletes and nutrition. When surveyed, only one third of students knew the correct fruit and vegetable recommended intake or serving sizes. Thirty-five percent knew there was a link between low fruit and veggie intake and health issues. Only one student knew that there was a direct link between sugar and diseases of the teeth. Turner, who’s knowledge and skills have not been used directly in Alabama athletics, recommends that colleges have a registered dietitian or nutritionist on campus, even a part time person would benefit athletes and increase performance. She states that coaches are often not trained properly to give nutrition advice and often don’t give the best options. Of all the Big Ten athletic programs they found that only four people working as staff had “dietitian” or “nutritionist” in their job titles. Two of these people were

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