Nut1 Task 3

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Delegation Deanna Koschel Western Governors University Continuity of care is very important, especially for a pregnant mother. I believe it to be critical that the mother stays as healthy as possible to achieve the goal of having a healthy baby. In this case scenario, I would setup systems that would encourage staff to work as a team and to promote interdisciplinary care. If systems are setup for a busy staff, it will help guide them, creates organization, and efficiency. Team work will become second nature in such an environment. Once, the staff experiences the success of using an interdisciplinary care and team work approach, they will participate. In this case scenario, one of my first steps would be to have all patients with English being a secondary language is seen by the social worker for a consult. Clear communication needs to be established from the beginning to attain continuity of care. The social worker can assess the need to have an interpreter, if the patient can read written instructions in English and so on. Mrs. W was missing signs that Ms. R probably did not understand what Mrs. W was trying to convey verbally and written. This was shown by Ms. R’s lack of verbal response in the appointments. Mrs. W never asked Ms. R to reiterate the teaching or plan of care to ensure understanding. Although Mrs. W was so kind as to write everything down for Ms. R, Mrs. W never checked to see if Ms. R knew how to read in English or read at all. Ms. R is developmentally delayed, so a social worker should have been involved from the start. I would have all patients who are developmentally delayed see the Social Worker for a consult. A young lady who is cognitively delayed can be a wonderful mother, but may need teaching, community resources and courses to help her be the best mother she can. Another step I would take is to use our
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