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Western Governors University LUT1 Presentation Outline Topic: LLC as the best form of business organization. A. A 1- Introduction: Hello my name is Rick White. Are you starting a business and confused about what type of organization you should have? Are you concerned with how easy it would be to start up, longevity of your business, or what about protection of your personal assets? Research suggests that a limited liability corporation maybe the right choice for you. A 1aThesis Statement: Research suggests that a Limited Liability Corporation is one of the best type of business that will allow for longevity, ease of start-up, and protection of personal assets of the owners. A1b MAIN POINT PREVIEW: With a little bit of research…show more content…
The purpose of the visual aid is to compare each advantage that each type of company has as it pertained to my main points. This will allow my audience to see the advantages at a glance. The chart above was developed by using Excel and putting Ease of Start-Up, Longevity, and Personal Protection into sections. Each section is labeled as LLC, Corporation, and Sole Proprietorship and marked with an X to indicate whether that type of business has that particular advantage. This type of graph was used because it was the easiest to understand and provided a clear understanding of what was being…show more content…
In some cases it may be difficult to differentiate between the owner of the LLC and the LLC itself as it pertains to taxes. With a Corporation it is easily defined due to stringent rules and regulations set forth by the government. 2) What is the biggest disadvantage to a LLC? Pass through taxes would be the biggest disadvantage to an LLC. Pass Through taxes means the owners have to place the earnings of the business on their personal tax return. This in turn can make things more difficult should there be shareholders within the LLC. 3) What is the biggest advantage of a LLC? This is a matter of opinion but I would say the lack of regulations from the government gives a LLC a nice advantage. It allows the owners more freedom in the business to do what they want and record keeping is a little less hectic than the corporate form of business. Works Cited: Lorette, K. (n.d.). Retrieved 08/3/2013 from Klein, K. (2013, February 17). Protecting your personal assets. Retrieved 08/3/2013 from

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