Nurture Strongly Influence Early Human Development Essay

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NATURE VS. NURTURE;jsessionid=0AAA256C7BB2DCF0821C75122AD8437E.d03t02 Dichotomy_&_What_It_Means_for_the_Study_of_Infancy_ as a summary we all have the power within to achieve great things in business or in anything we put our passion toward in life.\ and+environment+determination&n= 10&prev=0&frow=10&page=1Nature and nurture rule. Everyone knows it, no one questions it: nature and nurture are the movers and shapers. They made us what we are today and will determine what our children will be tomorrow.No one questions it because it seems self-evident. The two things that determine what sort of people your children will turn out to be are nature--their genes--and nurture--the way you bring them up. That is what you believe and it also happens to be what the professor of psychology believes. A happy coincidence that is not to be taken for granted, because in most sciences the expert thinks one thing and the ordinary citizen--the one who used to be called "the man on the street"--thinks something else. But on this the professor and the person ahead of you on the checkout line agree: nature and nurture rule. Nature gives parents a baby; the end result depends on how they nurture it. Good nurturing can make up for many of nature's mistakes; lack of nurturing can trash nature's best effortsIn her book It Takes a Village, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton has summarized some of the findings from the carefully designed studies carried out by developmental psychologists. Parents who care for their babies in a loving, responsive way
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