Nursing Workbook Essay

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2012 Learning Plan Your performance on previously learned skills indicates a need for further review and re-validation. Please read the following chapters in Potter and Perry’s Basic Nursing: 13; 14; 15; 16, 27 and 33 write answers to each learning outcome. Include the page number on which the answer was found on each item. Submit this work to faculty as directed by the deadline in order to be able to attend clinical at the hospital. This assignment must be handwritten and is individual work. Infection Prevention and Control Chapter 13 Learning Outcomes: After reading chapter 13, the learner will: 1. Define the following terms: infection; microorganisms; colonization; inflammation; nosocomial infection; exogenous infection; endogenous infection; asepsis; medical asepsis; surgical asepsis; disinfection; sterilization. 2. Describe the chain of infection. 3. Identify the body’s normal defenses against infection. 4. List 6 potential causes for nosocomial infections. 5. Identify 5 nursing interventions designed to control and prevent infection. 6. Describe items that are considered personal protection equipment? 7. Describe what is meant by standard precautions. 8. Identify measures used in the hospital to prevent the transmission of tuberculosis. 9. Identify the 3 types of transmission-based precautions and the barrier protection used in each. 10. List the American Nurses Associations suggestions for nurses to avoid becoming latex allergic. 11. Describe the procedure for donning sterile gloves. 12. Describe when surgical asepsis is indicated. 13. Complete the following: a. A sterile object remains sterile only when________________________. b. Only ________objects may be placed on a sterile field.
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