Nursing Transformed by Iom

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Nursing Transformed by IOM

Brown Sara
Grand Cayon University
Professional Dynamics
March 10, 2013

Nursing Transformed by IOM
Nursing is a very important and quickly changing position. The role that nurses play can literally be the difference between life and death for the patients that they care for. As nurses, we must constantly keep up with changes in medical technology. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) produced a report which largely re-defined the nursing profession. There were quiet a number of areas that were touched on. Below is an illustration of some of the specific areas in nursing that were touched on by the report and the impacts that they had on the nursing profession.
There is the conventional understanding that for a nurse to attain the RN status, there is the need to have attained the right educational qualifications. The IOM Report (2010) asserted this fact but gave a deeper insight into the nursing education. Since the medical profession is constantly changing nurses need to receive continuing education and training. The overall objective for nurse practitioners is to concentrate on the safety, care, and continued training and education for future nursing graduates. First of all, there was the indication that nursing education needs to be customized to the latest developments in the field. This implies that trainees will have the most updated information. Furthermore, the education should not be an intermittent process. Rather, it should be planned in such a manner that the nurses have a lifelong chance of improving their knowledge. There should be smooth transition through the learning stages. This provision ensures that nurses can advance their studies as new information comes in. they were also provided with a platform through which they could have the relevant experience, since this is a mandatory

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