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Discuss your ASSESSMENT TOOL(s) of CHOICE for caring for the older adult, what is/are the tool(s) and why is it the tool(s) to be used in your opinion. How do you know what assessment tool would be best in clinical practice and caring for the older adult? Using Carper's multiple ways of knowing, descibe how you know what you know to support your choice(s) of assessment tools.
Assessment tools

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There is an extensive variety of tools nurses can use to asses and prevent potential geriatric complications. “In most circumstances the quality of care the elder receives is dependent on the quality of the assessment conducted” (Touhy, 2013). Therefore, I believe the tool for assessment is dependent of that which is sought to evaluate. For example if one wants to assess the mental status of the specific individual, one fortunately has a variety of tools to choose from , such as the “Mini Mental State Examination”, “The Clock Drawing Test”, “The Mini Cog”, or “ The Global Deterioration Scale”. Correspondingly, a tool that I found covering various aspects of the individual’s life was the FANSCAPES, which covers a diversity of things such as communication, nutrition, socialization, fluids, aeration, activity, pain, and elimination. “It emphasizes the

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