Nursing Timeline Essay

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline
Robb Huhn
University of Phoenix

Historical Development of Nursing Timeline Approximately 3-million years ago early man emerged on this planet, and ever since shamans, witch doctors, and the healthcare providers that followed have been concerned with the science of human health. Anthropologists assert that primitive man lacked a true understanding of illness, transmission vectors, and methods to maintain, or return the body to a normal state of health, and often blamed “gods,” “demons” or “malevolent spirits” for disease. Early healthcare practitioners relied on “magic” and “sorcery” to combat the effects of evil in an attempt to heal the people of their community and, in many primitive cultures, this practice continues today (Price, 2001). Despite numerous rapid advances in math, engineering, and other sciences, health science advancements, particularly nursing science, which Jones (2011), states “is a unique human science which focuses on phenomena related to human health” (p. 2), progressed at a much slower rate. However, the last 200 years of nursing history have yielded more advancements that that all of the previous years combined and this paradigm shift can be traced back to one nursing scientist in particular – Florence Nightingale. In 1859 the Crimean War was entering its sixth year of conflict when Florence Nightingale and her team of 38 volunteer nurses were tasked with providing care at the military hospital in Scutari. Nightingale arrived to find horrific, unsanitary conditions where patients were neglected, infections ran rampant, and basic needs such as hygiene were overlooked. The mortality rate at the war hospital in Scutari was 10 times higher from diseases like typhus and cholera than it was from war-related battle injuries (Fee & Garofalo, 2010). Nightingale and her

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