Nursing Theory: Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and Patient Care

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Nursing Theory: Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and Patient Care
Casey Ziegler
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR-501: Theoretical Basis of Advanced Nursing
March 2015

Nursing Theory: Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and Patient Care
Nursing theory is the backbone of the nursing profession. Nursing theory can be described as the organization of concepts and propositions that are designed for the guidance of nursing practice (Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort, 2013). The concept of nursing theory was first introduced early in nursing school. The basic theories/theorists were introduced to help provide a foundation for nursing students. Once schooling is over, many nurses tend to forget that nursing theory should be incorporated into daily nursing life. Nursing theories help guide the understanding of nursing practice and also enhance knowledge.
As the nursing profession changes and grows, so does nursing theory. With patient centered care being the standard, a valuable theory to comprehend is Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort. This paper will provide understanding of the theory of nursing, key concepts of the theory of comfort, and how these concepts and theories are relatable to current nursing leadership.
The Importance of Nursing Theory
Nursing theory is a key component of effective nursing. Nursing theory establishes principles, rationales, and helps enhance overall knowledge of nursing (Davidson, 2012). The common question that arises in nursing school is “Why do we need to learn nursing theories?”. Although it may seem cumbersome to learn, having a firm understanding and knowledge of nursing theory will one day allow the student nurse to develop a nursing theory of their own.
As the nursing world evolves, so does nursing theory. Many of the processes and practices that are currently in place are derived from nursing theory. Nurses tend to overlook that much of what they do every day

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